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3 Lakh+ Ultimate eBooks + 30K Ready For Use Email Marketing Bundle Kit

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Get Access to 30,000+ Email Swipes and Find Out How You Can Send The Perfect Emails For Your Business 

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    Save Thousands of Hours and Thousands of Dollars That You Would Normally Spend in Course & Increase Knowledge

    Highest Quality

    Enhance your reading experience with new, updated books and superior image quality to satisfy your needs in any category you love.

    Lifetime Access

    Enjoy reading your favorite books whenever you wish to without downloading them. But if you want to store your eBooks on your devices, you sure can.

    Popular Formats

    All the eBooks are available in most popular formats so you can enjoy them on your smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, PC, laptop, or kindle.

    Always Updated

    Thousands of new books are added every week to cover all genres and all interests. Take all the fuss out of searching for your next read.

    Regular Price: Rs.9,999 

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    Everything you need in one Package

    In This Bundle You will Received 3 Lakh+ eBooks & 30K Email Swipe Copy for Schedule Your Bulk Email to Your Email List. Below All eBooks Category Covered. Discover popular magazines, novels, children’s books, niche-specific books, Researches, Reports, and so much more!

    1. Science (10,000+ eBooks)
    2. Hobbies (10,000+ eBooks)
    3. Sports (19,000+ eBooks)
    4. Children (6,000+ eBooks)
    5. Crafts (4,500+ eBooks)
    6. Skills (3,500+ eBooks)
    7. Relationships (3,500+ eBooks)
    8. Cooking (12,000+ eBooks)
    9. Medical (7,000+ eBooks)
    10. Business (8,000+ eBooks)
    11. Careers (5,500+ eBooks)
    12. Digital Marketing (4,500+ eBooks)
    13. Fun (3,500+ eBooks)
    14. History (3,000+ eBooks)
    15. Lifestyle (5,500+ eBooks)
    16. Travel (1,500+ eBooks)
    17. Religions (5,000+ eBooks)
    18. Gardening (3,500+ eBooks)
    19. Pets (2,500+ eBooks)
    20. Learning (5,000+ eBooks)
    21. Language (1,500+ eBooks)
    22. Self Help (5,500+ eBooks)
    23. Music (3,500+ eBooks)
    24. Literature (4,500+ eBooks)
    25. Novels (2,500+ eBooks)

    + 475 more categories

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    I am totally BLOWN AWAY by the value that’s included here. Some single eBooks sell for more than the cost of this entire package. It’s so big, I haven’t been able to look through it all yet, but I was happy to see that the stuff I did check out was not old rehashed junk. This is a quality package– a totally profitable deal.

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    Bulk eBook Kit is a great kick start for everyone who wants to launch an online business. In seconds you get access to 3 Lakh+ eBooks & 30K Email Copy that you can turn into your own Asset and start Our Business online – This is an amazing deal, thanks guys!

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